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About your Homeopath...

At the age of 19 I found myself suffering with a case of university burnout, I was completely physically and emotionally exhausted and dragged myself home to my parents to recover. My GP prescribed me anti-depressants which my Mum decided was not good at my age, so instead she took me to our local health shop who recommended a Homeopath. I had no idea what to expect from the practitioner but after taking her remedies I made a full recovery and was back to my energetic self in a matter of weeks. I really haven't looked back since then and have turned to homeopathy for all my healthcare - from eliminating my childhood asthma to painful relationship break-ups.

Personally I don't take any medications and haven't needed to for years - don't get me wrong I still get ill, it's a necessity for your immune system and can be a healthy clear-out - but I always turn to my remedies and recover fast. My two children have also rarely had allopathic medication...I'm still working on my husband...

Health has always been my priority. My degree is in Leisure Management and after graduating I worked in Health clubs in various roles - but always teaching fitness classes such as spinning, Bodypump and Bodybalance. I really love fitness and still teach now (although a bit less).

Whilst studying for Homeopathy at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, London, I applied to the London Ambulance Service and still work for them part-time helping the injured and ill of London. It is a very rewarding job. To many Homeopaths this might seem a strange career choice as allopathic medicine is generally seen as a suppression to health. However I have learnt so much about people, diseases, anatomy, physiology, medicines and how GPs operate that I bring an invaluable set of skills to my practice. I have a genuine concern for those that need my help. Above all I am acutely aware that there are a lot of unwell people and I would like to bring my knowledge, expertise and remedies to help.

On top of work I have a busy homelife with a family to care for. My girls are 11 and 8 years old so there's never a dull or quiet moment, I love it! I have lots of experience treating babies, children and their frazzled parents.

My goal is to open a multi practitioner cafe in or around Watford and work with some of my Osteopath and Reflexology friends. I envisage clinic rooms out the back and a cafe/cake shop at the front - I don't think worklife could get better than that for this space!